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A Brief History Of

The Indian Springs Baptist Church

The Indian Springs Baptist Church of Hamilton, Ohio was organized as an Independent Baptist Church in January of 1998. Indian Springs Baptist Church organized from a mission work, out of the Community Baptist Church in Franklin, Ohio, under the pastorate of Bro. Lester Johnson.

The Church started in a single spaced unit in the Green Crest plaza located on Ohio Route 4 just north of Hamilton Ohio. This single unit rental property soon became too small and was moved out of in just a few short months. The move was simply “next door.” The Plaza owner afforded the Church a new space that could accommodate more Sunday School rooms.

By the fall of 1999 there was still the need of more room. The church had grown by then to several local families and a great number of children from their bus ministry. At that time, a long-standing business in the community had given the landlord notice of their departure from the facility. Indian Springs Baptist Church soon had the opportunity to move into a triple space in the same Plaza. That space has since been restructured to support adult seating capacity of 125, and kids ministry potential to 90.

The Church carries on an active evangelistic ministry, seeking to win the lost and make disciples. We have a weekly visitation program and conduct several evangelistic meetings each year.

The Indian Springs Baptist Church supports Independent Baptist Missions around the world. All of the missionaries that we support are sent out from other Independent Baptist Churches. Every missionary gets 100% of all funds sent, and nothing is taken out for office expense, etc.

The Church has an extensive community oriented ministry.  Our “Recruits” meet weekly and instill values and activities for the pre- to primary school aged children. The “Royal Daughters” is a weekly meeting of young ladies in becoming successful in their future role as mothers and wives. The “Battalion,” and “Brigade” are forces of grade school to high school young men being prepared to face life’s challenges that will soon be knocking at their door! A large part of our ministry focus is to teach tomorrows leaders, today!

The Indian Springs Baptist Church runs a bus ministry in to of it’s close by neighborhoods. The opportunity to work with the youth of Southern Ohio has been a tremendous challenge and just as tremendous of a blessing.


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